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Balanced Rocks PhotoAre you struggling to balance your work and personal life?

Perhaps you put everyone else's needs first and have trouble prioritizing your own self-care needs or reducing your stress.

Possibly you have been unable to change unhealthy lifestyle habits or maintain a successful wellness plan.

Or maybe your health care provider has repeatedly advised you to make lifestyle changes to better manage or prevent illness.

Staying well can be a great challenge. Personal and professional obstacles can get in the way of doing the right thing. It is easy to lose focus on what matters most to you. As they say on an airplane, "In the event of a cabin pressure loss, place your mask on first before you assist others." path photo You must take care of your own needs first in order to effectively care for everyone else in your life.

It all starts with choosing to prioritize your own health and wellness.

Are you ready to take the first bold step towards a more balanced and well life? Could you use some assistance, support, and coaching to help you successfully reach your wellness goals? I offer one-on-one, professional, and confidential wellness coaching for women. You and I can work together to help you:

• Identify and clarify your wellness needs
• Navigate, understand, and choose the options that are right for you
• Define specific, realistic, and attainable wellness goals
• Keep you focused on what is important to you
• Celebrate all the big and small accomplishments you make along the way


Get you on a successful New Path to Wellness